Curfew by Dot Devota & The Carpenters (and Other Strangers) by Brandon Shimoda are now available to listen to, share, & download over at blackcake.org


    Curfew is a visceral documentation of one poet’s travels toward her own poetry, via Tucson, Taiwan, & the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. It’s weird, wild womanhood, & also personhood, & also people. Dot Devota is the ghost in your hallway & the balloon in your bed. There is no way she is going to let you sleep.

    The Carpenters (and Other Strangers) is packed in every sense of the word — stuffed, seething, loaded, exploding. It’s the stuff of late-night AM radio transmissions & other casual apocalypses. It’s safe to say Brandon Shimoda is our most sacred genius. The song in his heart is going to kill us all.

  2. myshoesuntied:

    WENDY XU. From her book You Are Not Dead. Get this book. Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read/still reading because I keep holding my face in my hands after every poem.

    <3 WENDY <3

    (via extrahumanarchitecture)


  4. cassandragillig:

    u can read 3 poems by my actually dumb ass on the pop serial website

    bb grl

  5. cassandragillig:

    u can read 2 new poems by me online in issue 5 of elderly

    they r violent seeming poems idk what that’s abt *shoots gun into air six times*

  6. If you missed Black Cake’s first ever live reading, recording, & performance in Portland last month, consider this your after-dinner treat. This special bonus album, recorded live at the IPRC, features words & sounds by Black Cake alums Robert Duncan Gray, Lisa Ciccarello, Sara Woods, Emily Kendal Frey, & Zachary Schomburg. Shoutouts to everyone who came & listened to cross-genre performance on a Friday night, & for all our amazing readers (as well as those who couldn’t be there to read). Present & edible over at blackcake.org.

  7. ANNOUNCEMENT: Phrasis by Wendy Xu & FLOWERS AND MONEY by Nick Sturm are now live over at Black Cake Records. Dessert first, y’allz.

  8. cassandragillig:

    dorothea lasky interviewed me fr the LA review of books back in january & today IT IS UP!  dottie asked rlly good questions & got me talking abt hip hop & delivery & musicality & my mash-ups & what i need out of a poet.

    cassandra gillig, demi-goddess of poetry <3

  9. COMING SOON: Wendy Xu, Nick Sturm, & the stuff they found on their nature walk.

  10. Portland! Please come to Black Cake's first ever live reading & recording, Saturday, June 28th at 7:30pm at the IPRC. There will be beer & snacks, as well as readings & performances by Black Cake alumni Zachary Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, Lisa Ciccarello, Sara Woods, & Robert Duncan Gray. We will be accepting donations for future Black Cake projects & recording the event for a new live album on our site. Be there!